Feb 14, 2008

ignorance is bliss

conversation yesterday morning (2/13) with roommate regarding whether or not she should meet up with a guy that night for a drink:

her: "yeah, but he emailed me today and asked if tonight was ok for grabbing a drink. isn't that kind of rushing?"

me: "eh, well, the problem is that you're now close to the weekend and if you put him off and don't want to waste a weekend night on him, you're looking at next week. probably better to just get it over with."

her: "yeah, i know. i don't want to make plans for the weekend and i'm definitely NOT going to go out with him tomorrow night."

me: "no kidding. tomorrow is "LOST" night!"

her: "um, i was talking about the whole valentine's day thing...."

me: oh yeah. that.

clearly vday is not high on my priority list. in fact, the only list it takes any high priority on is my shitlist. if i have to hear that fucking "every kiss begins with k" jingle one more time, i may hurt someone or something (most likely my tv).

happy pointless, overrated, card-company made-up holiday day!