Nov 24, 2006

fast, not feast

tender turkey. homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. perfectly seasoned stuffing. cheesy delicious asparagus casserole. sweet curried fruit. flaky rolls. cranberry sauce. chardonnay. pumpkin pie. bailey's and coffee.

and the stomach flu the night before and day of thanksgiving. i guess i'm thankful for leftovers and a virus that only lasts 24 hours.

Nov 16, 2006

ever do something stupid like this?

i just spent the last 5 minutes eating a container of yogurt that i'm pretty sure was spoiled. after the first bite tasted a bit funky, did i throw it away? no, of course not. i continued to take small bites, making what i'm sure were the most god-awful faces, and trying my hardest to figure out what exactly was off about the flavor. i smelled it, had my colleague smell it, and then continued to eat it because, really, does yogurt ever have a rotten smell? it's all bacteria anyway. halfway through the container i thought i should maybe dig the foil label out of my trash and check out the expiration date. remembering i had actually opened the yogurt and thrown away the label in the kitchen (all the way down that loooong hallway far, far from my desk), i decided it wouldn't matter anyway. i had already eaten half of it and it wasn't that bad and it seemed so borderline that i couldn't throw it away. i continued to eat the yogurt, all the while wondering why it tasted so odd. when my spoon scraped the bottom in donned on me that i may end up with some weird bacterial infection due to yogurt poisoning. i bolted for the kitchen for a bottle of water. like water is going to wash away the sour yogurt bacteria that is now attacking my digestive system, but maybe it will speed up the process at the very least. so here i am - waiting to keel over from food poisoning because my yogurt went off and i was stupid enough to eat the entire thing to figure out if it had, in fact, expired. dumb. dumb. dumb. and disgusting.

Nov 8, 2006

kizmet or kizmeet?

well, i guess this was inevitable. reading the red eye on the train the other day, i ran across something about this new website called kizmeet where people can post a missed encounter with someone whom they hope to track down and reconnect with. it is available in several cities and even has the encounters sorted by links for bars, gyms, grocery stores, coffee places, and other venues.

so, you were too chickenshit to walk up to that hottie getting the venti skim no-foam extra hot roomy latte in front of you at starbucks yesterday? post it on kizmeet!

realize when you were yelling your phone number to the guy at the bar that he may not have actually gotten it right and now you wish you had written it down or entered it in his cell phone yourself? he can find you through kizmeet!

think you'll never see that cutie from the bus last week? kizmeet has the answer!

remember the guy you danced with at the concert that seemed to be into you but left after the show before you got a chance to talk to him? kizmeet can help!

didn't have the courage to smile at the guy who was watching you select the perfect cucumber at the grocery store? kizmeet gives you a second chance!

seriously, this is what lance bass needed in "on the line" (aka the worst movie ever made) to find his hottie from the el. this website may completely change all of those regrets we have from missed opportunities. instead of brooding over the one who got away, that person who you made eye contact with at the gas station and were sure he or she was your soulmate, only to have your hopes and thus your entire future shattered when he/she drove away, you can now track that person down and rekindle the flame.

you never know - maybe we'll start seeing dr. phil promoting this like he does maybe eventually kizmeet will become one stop shopping for finding anyone and everyone you've ever thought you might like to talk to but didn't. maybe we won't even have to talk to anyone new face to face anymore. instead, we can just observe people at the bars, movies, concerts, grocery store, starbucks, etc., take notes about them, and then post on kizmeet to make the connection. much safer than actually having the balls to speak to them or ask for a number from the beginning. no, it's easier to post a comment, hope they check kizmeet, too, and then respond accordingly. no embarrassing scenes in front of friends where you get blown off in person, no need to spend money buying him/her a drink, no wasting of the memory in your cell phone from getting his/her number.

in theory, this is a great idea to help people put themselves back out there after letting someone slip by. i just have to wonder if we're making things too convenient. we can date from the comfort of our living rooms, sitting on the couch with our laptops and wireless connections to foster the effort. we can chat online, exchange emails, and text message without ever having to hear a human voice. and now we can sit back and see someone out, knowing we don't have to make an effort to talk to him/her because we can essentially tivo the encounter to be finished at a later time via kizmeet.

now if you'll excuse me, i have to go make a post about the guy from the snow patrol concert. and the guy on the train monday. oh, and i can't forget carflirt guy. heeeelllloooo kizmeet.

Nov 7, 2006

Make a Difference - VOTE!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."- Margaret Mead

Nov 2, 2006

my day...putt...

- woke up late this morning

- car stereo did fun little thing where it likes to turn off and on by itself....the ENTIRE way to work

- car also decided that on a 27 degree morning with snow flurries, i did not need heat...just lots of cold air blowing from the vents

- coffee cup leaked all over me while drinking coffee at my desk

- lunch consisted of special k that i had to eat with a fork due to the absence of spoons in the kitchen

- had a VIP from our national office tell me to call her back when my office didn't sound like a "zoo" due to co-worker singing a carrie underwood song at top of her lungs in background. how professional.

- was subjected to hearing the obese woman in the bathroom stall next to me grunting like a wild boar as she did her business.

- administrative assistant was too busy to help with a project. i walked by her desk and saw why - she was playing solitare on her computer.

- got a call from our bookkeeper downtown. i sent her my unsigned, and therefore unacceptable, expense report.

- broke a nail.

- no internet at home.

needless to say, i can't wait to hang out with friends tonight, have some yummy thai food, drink wine and watch grey's anatomy. this day has worn me out.