Aug 2, 2013


i'm totally copying my friend tracy's idea to make this month awesome, like she did for the month of july.  there is an actual website for this "movement" - - started by a group of awesome-seeking ladies who post their adventures and experiences.  the key is to do or recognize something awesome every day.  while i wish i had the time/money/courage to do crazy things every day this month like jumping out of an airplane, i want to use this idea to motivate myself to try new stuff and appreciate the little awesome things that happen on their own.  so, here we go.  30 (actually 31 because it's august but i want to stay with the theme) of awesome.

day 1 - august 1:  this may seem a little silly to some, but i recently paid off my car and on the first day of this month i received my car title in the mail.  i'm officially a car-owner.  it feels SO good to have that thing paid off.  now let's hope i can continue to drive it for many years. 

day 2 - august 2:  yesterday i was invited to attend a cubs rooftop game with a company that supports the organization i work for.  it was a great time and my first rooftop, which amazes me since i've lived in chicago for 9 years and have attended many cubs games.  great weather, food, drinks, good people.  cubs lost but it was still awesome!