Nov 12, 2007

husband for hire

well ladies, here it is. the ultimate proof (as if we needed it!) that we no longer need to pine away for that elusive husband. i mean, really, what do we need husbands for anyway? to fix things? to kill bugs? to do the plumbing and handywork? rest assured. if you are single, female and not DIY inclined, there is a solution without visiting the altar. this flyer was actually found outside my building and is, apparently, a legitimate business. that's right - we can now pay for the services of a husband without having to actually marry one. so go ahead - pick up hotties to service your, ahem, needs, and pay for this guy to service your home. you get what you need in both departments. of course, i wouldn't stoop to paying a man for these services - that's why i rent for god's sake, so i don't have to do any fixing or home improving on my own - but if you find yourself in a pinch and need your windows sealed, basement leak-proofed or your drywall patched, you can call this guy and he'll rush right over and perform such husbandly duties as these and a whole lot more. (no, dirties, not that!)

so here we are, single and fabulous and with the option to pay up for - let's face it - the duties we'd typically have to scream and nag and yell to have done by our signif other. is this a step ahead for single womankind or an insult to our abilities to do such tasks on our own? you tell me....

Nov 5, 2007

tag! you're it!

i've just been tagged for the first time in the blogging world. my sis just sent me this meme, so here are 6 little things about me...

List one fact, word or tidbit that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your first or middle name. You can theme it to your blog or make it general. Then tag one person for each letter of your name.

A - auntie of one

N - nocturnally inclined

D - direction impaired

R - relationship challenged

E - euchre enthusiast

A - alcohol aficionada

because the noble savage tagged 3 of the few people i know who have blogs, i can only tag a couple instead of the 6 i should be tagging for the number of letters in my name. so, here ya go rachel, gretchen and casi. tag, you're it!

Nov 1, 2007

redrum! redrum!

so i finally did it. i watched "the shining." i know to some it may sound trivial, but i have been trying to watch this movie for a good 3 years and haven't managed to do so until this evening. for some reason (probably because everything i've heard from those who have seen it say the movie is creepy as hell) i've been holding out on watching this particular film. it has been my personal demon to watch this movie alone. i think i was simply waiting to have someone to watch it with. a friend would have been great, a hot guy i could cling to during the many scary parts would have been excellent. in absentia of both, i decided to suck it up, sit down with a bottle of wine, give myself a french manicure and watch. jack nicholson would cringe if he realized someone was french manicuring their nails during his horror flick, but oh well.

having just watched it in non-weenie fashion - home alone with all but one dim, little light off and phone put away on silent - i'm quite glad i watched it by myself. i mean, after watching this movie, who the fuck would want to go to bed with their signif other, for fear that you awake in the middle of the night to an impersonation of jack's "heeeeeere's johnny!" or the fear that your honey has gone crazy and now wants to kill you? no thank you. i'm quite happy going to bed on my own, in my locked apartment, feeling warm and fuzzy from my bottle of red and looking forward to passing out cold, void of all nightmares involving my boyfriend slaying me with an axe in the middle of the night.

happy halloween kids. i guess this is the time of year for facing all of those demons, even the ones that make you realize you can do lots of things on your own - even if it's as trivial as having scary movie night with self.