Dec 1, 2009

fighting the good fight....and losing

well, i sucked spectacularly at nablopomo.  but i'm ok with that because at least it reminded me that i do indeed still have a blog and have things that i like to write about now and then.  so while i managed to fail the challenge of writing 30 posts in 30 days, i hope to write on a more regular basis.

therefore, in keeping with the theme of this blog (fights i've lost), here are a few examples of recent challenges:

me v. the outlet mall:  winner - outlet mall.  how could i resist 50% off at banana republic??

me v. the boss:  winner - boss.  there is no point in arguing with someone who is more concerned about you having your outlook calendar up to date than what you are actually doing in your job.  i basically just forfeited this one for the sake of my own sanity.

me v. the fudge:  winner - fudge.  this was no contest.  having been sent back to chicago with a pound of my mom's delicious homemade fudge, i have been powerless to resist. 

me v. the traffic:  winner - traffic.  it took 6 hours to get to indianapolis on wednesday night (usually a 3 hour drive).  thank god jill was at the end of the journey with wine!

me v. the tree lights:  winner - me, barely.  after an hour of painstaking light-arranging on my parents' christmas tree, the bottom layer of lights went out.  i almost threw the tree out the front door. luckily, after jiggling them a few times they came back on.  i hope that's not a fire hazard.... mom and dad - keep a close eye on that!

me v. the cw:  winner - the cw.  (this one i blame fully on my roommate)  the cw is the network that shows shows like "gossip girl", "90210", "melrose place", etc.  i have gotten sucked in to 2 shows on this channel but have vowed not to get started on any more!

me v. the happy hour:  winner - duh.  do i even have to answer this one?

me v. the allergies:  winner - allergies.  i cannot seem to breathe like a normal human for even one day. 

me v. the birds:  winner - birds.  no matter where i park, they find my car and turn it into target practice.

me v. the parking:  winner - me.  i do pretty much rock at wedging my car into the tiniest spaces.

me v. the christmas shopping:  winner - right now the unfinished shopping is winning, but i'm pretty sure i'm going to end up being victorious and having it done by the end of the week.

me v. the work:  winner - work.  speaking of, i better get back to it!