Nov 18, 2009

"it wasn't pretty but you did it. and now you'll do it again."

yesterday i went for my first training session with a personal trainer.  i've never been one to spend money on something like this in the past, but i've gotten to the point where i feel like i really need someone to help me figure out a good workout that will give me results, so i decided to take the plunge a buy a few sessions to get me on track. 

so, i got there yesterday and walked up to the counter to tell the person working that i was there for a training session with kevin. and of course, kevin happens to be the most gorgeous trainer they have on staff.  doh.  i really should have asked for a less attractive trainer so i could have more comfortably discussed my weight (ouch), my eating and drinking habits (waaaay too much alcohol), and the dreaded BMI (anyone want to talk obesity?!).  but, i was honest, figuring a) i'm not there because kevin and i met on and are trying to date, b) if i'm not honest, he can't put together an appropriate plan for me and c) he's going to see me sweat, groan and possibly cry in the coming weeks, so i don't think being honest up front is the worst experience he's going to have with me.

all in all it went well, though it was more of an assessment than a regular training session so that he could measure my endurance levels, balance & flexibility, etc.  officially, my training starts on saturday at 2pm.  pray for me. 

p.s. - the title of this blog is a quote from dear kevin after seeing me do a particularly heinous series of drills.  bless his heart.

Nov 16, 2009

monday meme

(note: this was supposed to post on monday - hence the title - but it failed to work somehow, so i am back dating it and will post another blog today)

1.What is your current obsession ?

Researching MBA programs, stressing out about my first personal trainer session (eeek) and making plans for my annual Christmas visit to London!

2. What are you wearing today?

Black pants, green fitted sweater, black heels (the higher the better!)

3. What’s for dinner?

Greek food!  I'm going out in Greektown for a friend's birthday.  Opa!

4. What’s the last thing you bought?

Beer and a turkey burger at the bar last night; before that - personal training sessions.  Those things don't really go together, do they??

5. What are you listening to right now?

Ryan Adams via my co-worker's Pandora streaming on her computer.  I love sitting next to Kim!

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you?

No tag, this was self-inflicted.  But, I did see it on Gary's blog and I think he is quite fabulous.

7. If you could have a house, totally paid for, fully furnished, anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?


8. What are your must-have pieces for summer?

comfy skirts, capris, flip flops

9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?


10. Which language do you want to learn?


11. What’s your favorite quote?

"Expect nothing and you will rarely be disappointed" is sort of my mantra, but I also love this one from Albert Einstein: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
You said it, Al!

12. Who do you want to meet right now?

Peyton Manning so I can give him a big kiss for beating the Patriots last night!

13. What is your favorite color?


14. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own closet?

Black fleece pullover

15. What is your dream job?

To be the head of a corporate foundation

16. What's your favorite magazine?

In Style

17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on?

Probably a mani/pedi and a massage

18. What do you consider a fashion faux pas?

Being able to see people's cracks when they bend over.  Some of us are just not meant to wear super low-cut jeans!  Also, white socks with black shoes. 

19. Who according to you is the most over-rated style icon?

Jessica Biel.  Ick.

20. What kind of haircut do you prefer?

Longer than shoulder length with layers

21. What are you going to do after this?

Leaving to meet my friend for lunch - yay!

22. What are your favorite movies?

Love Actually, Sex & the City, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

23. What are three cosmetic/makeup/perfume products that you can't live without?

Aquage shine spray, C.O. Bigelow lip gloss, OPI nail polish

24. What inspires you ?

People who have gone through loss, illness and other issues and still keep a positive attitude and keep living their lives

25. Give us three styling tips that always work for you?

Baby oil on your body right after you turn off the shower, before you dry off - keeps skin soft all day; hair powder is genius on days when you're running late and don't have time to wash your hair; seche vite top coat over your self done nail polish will make your nails look like you've had a professional manicure or pedicure

26. What do you do when you “have nothing to wear” (even though your closet’s packed)?

Borrow from my roommate!

27. Coffee or tea?


28. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed?

Call friends to get together and drink wine; take a long bath; go to yoga

29. What is the meaning of your name?

I had to google this.  Apparently it can mean brave and/or courageous.  Who knew?!

30. Which other blogs do you love visiting?

The links listed on my blog plus other random finds that I see on other people's blogs

31. Favorite Dessert/Sweet?

Chocolate Chip Cookies

32. Favorite Season?


33. If I come to your house now, what would you cook for me?

Hahahaha!  Trust me, you wouldn't want me to do that.  We would order sushi.

34. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you?

Tell them directly that you won't put up with their actions anymore.

35. How do you calm yourself down when you are agitated or angry?

Music, venting to friends/family

36.Who is the modern ideal girl: The one who knows how to shop, dress and enjoy, or the one who is simple but manages the house, kids and herself well?

My sister. 

Nov 12, 2009

good intentions pave the road to the bar

yesterday morning i had a conversation with self about getting in shape.  i'm always complaining about wishing i could lose a little weight or wanting to get back into those smaller pants, but i have been very bad about actually making a strong and continued effort to do these things.  so, yesterday morning i packed my gym bag and vowed to stop at the gym i've been wanting to check out on my way home from work.  i even kept myself psyched about it all day, up to the time i was getting off the elevator and walking toward the exit.  and then it happened.  a few of my co-workers were leaving ahead of me and asked if i wanted to go for a drink to celebrate our colleague's birthday.  and so i did.  and then i went to dinner with them at a mexican restaurant which boasts to be home to "the killer margarita" so you can just imagine how the night ended up. 

maybe tonight i will sleep in my workout clothes and see if that helps....

Nov 11, 2009

it's 11/11, make a wish!

many of you have heard people say that when the clock strikes 11:11, you get to make a wish. (well, unless you're like me and think you should make four wishes, one for each number 1 and for better odds that at least one of the four will come true)  so today, in honor of the date 11/11, i'm going to make one big wish, but i haven't quite decided what that is yet. 

what are you wishing for today?

Nov 10, 2009

the plus one conundrum

me:  so did you see the email about the wedding in september?

self:  yup.  mexico!  maybe we can lose some weight and get ourselves a little spray tan by then, eh?

me:  yes, we'll do that.  and get a great dress for the wedding and maybe stay a couple of extra days for fun!

self:  and have you thought about what else comes with this fabulous time?

me:  margaritas?

self:  yes.  and?

me:  beach wedding?

self:  yes....

me:  sun and food and music and an all-around good time?  and celebrating with our friend S? and maybe some really good guacamole?  ooh!  and maybe we can go back to fajita republic and --

self:  yeah, yeah, all of that.  think!  you're not thinking clearly.

me:  what?!  what are you talking about?  money issues?  because we have plenty of time to save up and the place is ALL INCLUSIVE!  fabulous!

self:  (big sigh and even bigger eyeroll)  two words - plus. one. 

me:  ohhhhhhhh..... that......

self:  yes, THAT.

me:  well, we go to weddings and stuff all the time without a plus one.  no big deal.

self:  we go to weddings where we have large groups of close friends or family who are also attending.  no need to have a plus one at those things, in fact we usually prefer it that way so we don't have to babysit a date and make sure he's having fun.  this is different.

me:  i cannot believe i'm going to say this, but you might be right. 

self:  holy crap.  put it on the calendar!  you admitted i was right!

me:  oh, calm down.  ok, let's think about this.  destination wedding where a few people i know will be invited, but may or may not attend.  bride and groom will be crazy busy the whole time.  i'm good at talking to people and having fun even if i don't really know the group, but for a whole weekend it would be great to have someone there with us who we know... 

self:  no kidding.  it gets pretty boring hanging out with just you. 

me:  shhhhhh.  ok, so what do we do?

self:  we have no choice.  the plus one challenge is on like donkey kong.  surely to god even you can find someone in the course of the next 10 months. 

me: gee, thanks for the vote of confidence.  sometimes i think you root for us to fail.

self:  (feigning shock) i would never do such a thing. 

me:  right....

self:  i'll be your personal cheerleader for this one.  just do not accept any help from our friend ann.  bless her heart, she tries - well, sorta.  mostly she likes to try to embarrass us and hook us up with the ickiest guys in the bar.  remember that one guy who started petting your hair?!  eeeek!!!

me:  yeah, that was pretty disturbing.  gross.  ok, so no help from ann unless she's going to actually help and not make a mockery of this. 

self:  agreed.  and anyone is fair game, so help from friends, roommates - ok, again with the exception of tim - work colleagues, etc. whoever has single, decent, available guys they can at least introduce us to must be drafted.

me:  ok, i guess we'll see how it goes.

self:  we'll do great!  just wait and see!

me:  wow.  that was actually supportive.  amazing.

self:  well, i figure if we don't succeed, there's always the option to rent an escort.

me:  and just when i thought i had you in my corner.... 

self:  let the games begin.

Nov 9, 2009

weekends don't count, right??

ok, ok, so i'm not doing as well as i had hoped with nablopomo.  i realize i started a day late and am now a couple of days short on the blogging.  still, i'm proud of myself for attempting to post a blog each day.  since i was absent from the blogging world the last two days, i figured i'd give you a recap of what was keeping me away from my computer....

had a fantastic day in bloomington with friends and parents.  the weather was perfect for a day of tailgating, football, drinking, and cornhole.  i finally got to see jill & nick's new home and we had a great time reminiscing about the old college days.  after a solid 12+ hours of drinking we finally called it a night, but not until adam and i defeated everyone and reigned as the supreme euchre champs of the weekend. 

after breakfast and showers, we headed out of bloomington and decided to stop at the brown county winery along the way.  we did a little wine tasting and purchased a few bottles then hit the road again.  after a while we stopped for lunch at bw3 and i got to see the first half of the colts game.  we headed on to chicago after that and i spent last night hanging out with my roommates.

and on a few unrelated notes....

i HATE the kay jeweler commercials.  i saw the first christmas one of the season just now and i threw up in my mouth a little.  ick.

someone clipped my bumper on my way home tonight so i'll be taking my car for a wash to see if the paint rubs off.  if not, i'll be calling this chick and her insurance company.  fun times.

i'm an idiot and when i had to re-set the time on my coffee maker yesterday, i accidentally set it for pm instead of am.  imagine my disappointment when i got up this morning expecting hot coffee and found instead that i had 12 hours to wait for it to brew.  doh!

i was extremely impressed with myself when i found that i could sing pretty much every word to john michael montgomery's song "sold (grundy county auction)" when it came on xm radio on our way to bloomington on friday. 

sometimes i have really good hair.  today is not one of those days.

Nov 6, 2009

cooking 101

it's been a joke in my family for a while that a few of us women-folk don't cook all that well, or at least manage to have a lot of minor disasters in the kitchen when we try to prepare food.  some of us have issues making desserts, some have problems with main dishes.  i have problems with boiling water.  that's right - if it requires boiling water, i might end up a) throwing it away, b) calling the fire department or c) consulting a physician.  with that said, i give you my top three recipes of boiling disasters:

1.  No-bake cookies (attention should be paid to the word "no-bake")
     - measure appropriate amount of water for boiling and pour into pot on stove top
     - turn on stove to boil water, go to measure out other ingredients
     - turn around to check status of water and see flames shooting out of burner
     - scream and panic for 15-30 seconds (the shorter time, the better)
     - put oven mitt on hand and bravely turn off stove top
     - run away into living room and watch to see what happens
     - celebrate not burning down the house when the flames go out by going to the store to buy bakery cookies and wine

2.  Hard-boiled eggs
     - put pot of water and eggs on stove top
     - turn burner on high in order to boil water
     - go into living room to wait until water boils to start timer
     - check email, talk on phone and get caught up in an old beverly hills 90210 episode on tv
     - go into kitchen later to get something to drink
     - glance at stove and shout a string of curse words
     - run to stove and turn off burner
     - look in pot, see no water
     - dump eggs into sink and observe brownish-black color of shells
     - throw away and go out for breakfast

3.  Pasta/Rice
     - put pot of water on stove
     - turn burner on high to bring water to a boil
     - wander aimlessly around kitchen deciding what to put in pasta
     - finally decide to make rice instead, get out rice and see only 2 cups of water are needed
     - check status of water on stove top
     - see boiling water and think it would be a waste to throw it out, put new water on to boil and have to wait
     - take pot to sink
     - using a one-cup measuring cup, scoop one cup of boiling water out of pot, pour into a separate container
      - dip cup in water again and pour water into separate container, held by innocent left hand
      - miss cup completely and douse left hand with scalding water
      - run around kitchen screaming
      - run back to sink and rinse hand with cool water, cursing self for being a moron
      - continue to attend to hand by putting cool compresses on it throughout the evening
      - order pizza
      - tape ice pack to scalded hand, take a tylenol pm and go to bed

Nov 5, 2009

allergic reactions

i've been fighting allergies and asthma my whole life. i've been on countless medications, tried allergy injections, endured wheezing, sneezing and swollen eyes in order to hang out in a place where my allergies were aggravated, and have shown up at the emergency room so short of breath i could barely carry my keys because the extra weight was almost too much to bear more times than i care to remember. my allergies and the asthma attacks they trigger have kept me from attending parties, staying overnight at friends' houses, going to work functions at someone's home, and dating guys who have pets to which i am allergic. i've missed days of school and work, have had to book hotel rooms when visiting friends i would normally stay with except for the fact that they have pets, and have had to be very careful when booking vacation rentals to make sure i'm not staying in a "pet-friendly" room that may have had a dog in it before i arrived. my friends tease me that i need to live in a bubble, which, to some degree, i've felt in reality now and then. it's not fun to be the person who is left out or who has to sit in a hard wooden chair in a room without carpet while everyone else is in the living room, lounging on sofas and carpeted areas that hold dander. even then, there's a good chance i'll be miserable and will have to leave early. it's frustrating and annoying with the worst part being that this is something that will never change for me.

so why am i going into ridiculous detail about how miserable my allergies and asthma have made me over the years? because people don't get it. people who do not have severe allergies and/or asthma and have never seen a friend or loved one in the midst of an asthma attack so bad that their doctor actually says that person has NO BREATH SOUNDS (yes, this was what my doctor told me once), they don't get it. that's not to say that people don't try to be sympathetic. i hear things all the time like, "isn't there medication for that?" "can't you take a shot?" "yeah, i get a stuffy nose, too, when i'm around animals" "we'll only stay for a little while and you can tell me when you need to leave", etc. but i still don't think everyone truly understands and that's ok. at least they try to be nice about it. the people who really piss me off are those who dismiss allergies as not real, something that we make up because we don't like animals, or that we're being overly dramatic. i'm really sick of hearing from these people who can let their pet lay on their face and not have any sort of physical reaction tell me that i'm lying about the severity of my allergies.

this is the preface for what i'm about to say. i do not want to sit next to your pet on an airplane. does that mean i hate your pet or animals in general? no, of course not. if given the choice of sitting next to an animal that may urinate, poop, or yap for the duration of a flight, i would guess most people would choose to sit elsewhere just as a matter of their own comfort. i know most people would also choose not to sit next to a small child if given the option, but at least a child can have a diaper change and has a parent who can talk rationally to him or her in an effort to keep them calm and entertained. not that i'm comparing children to animals, but a lot of people seem to see them in the same category in travel situations.

still, the reason i don't want your pet next to me on a flight is not because of the potential noise or smell, it's because i'm allergic to it. i don't care if it is in a carrier and has to stay there for the entire length of the flight, per FAA regulations. your dog makes me physically ill and there is nothing i can do about it. sure, there's a chance that if the dog stays in the carrier under the seat, the likelihood of my allergies being affected is lower, but that doesn't mean i should have to take that risk. just because you want your pooch to go on vacation with you does not mean those of us with allergies should suffer. now that the airline industry is jumping on board with the option for cabin pets (and let's be honest, the revenue they can generate for allowing people to turn their pets into carry-on luggage), those of us with allergies are going to have to deal with more issues than the non-allergic passenger.

i looked at several airline websites before writing this, in hopes that i would find a clear policy as to their stance on how passenger allergy issues are addressed when there are pets on a flight. i could not find that information on any of the sites i checked. there's plenty of information about the type of carrier you can have, that the animals have to be "harmless, inoffensive and odorless" - right, good luck trying to get your pet to control its "odors" - how to get through security with a carry-on pet, etc. there was NO mention of how passengers with allergies should go about securing a seat away from someone traveling with a pet. there were no guidelines as to how to deal with a seating issue if the person next to you sits down with their pup in tow. there was nothing to state who gets preferential treatment - the person or the animal. i'm sure the crew members are given a more extensive outline of how to deal with these situations, but as a passenger i would like to know ahead of time so that i don't create a scene when i have to ask that the person next to me be re-seated because their dog could give me an asthma attack. i don't want to have to see the annoyed eye-rolls or the frustrated glares that i will most likely get when i have to come clean and admit that i have a legitimate health problem that could very easily be exacerbated by the animal flying near me. i think these policies need to be published and those traveling with pets should have to reveiw them before flying so that there are no surprises when i politely ask the flight attendant to re-seat fluffy and her human to somewhere besides my row. the sad truth is, i would most likely be the one who would be asked to move. sorry, but i'm not giving up my window seat because i'm next to someone with a pet and i have no qualms about making that known. if it's an upgrade to first class, however, we can talk.

there is one exception that i am absolutely happy to make - service animals. those traveling with service animals clearly need their assistance and i would never make a big deal over that. in that case, i would be glad to have the crew re-seat me. as one with a medical condition, i have to travel with medications; some people have to travel with service animals. it's just the way it goes.

i'm not an animal hater. in fact, if i could get a dog, i'd love to have one. but i can't and being around one in a confined space such as an airplane will do nothing but put my health at risk. reading about the changes that a certain airline has made recently to not only allow pets but use this as a marketing tool led me to a plethora of comments about the issue. some people sided with those of us who have allergies, stating:

"Sorry to hear that [airline name omitted] has no regard for those with allergies. There is no way for someone to escape allergens inside a small cabin. To add to that, if there is any severe reaction they would have a real difficulty on their hands. I am greatly disappointed"

"That is totally unfair to people who are allergice to cats, dogs, etc. If you wind up sitting next to the person with the pet then you can have a horrible allergic reaction while you are up in the air. Then what is [the airline] going to do? They should rethink this idea of allowing pets in the cabin with the passengers."

"How sad that airlines are so money hungry. There is no way that they considered people with allergies. Make no mistake, all allergy medicines will not be salvation to a person having an attack. I've been there. The airlines won't realize the error of their ways until either a person has a catastrophic attack and become hospitalized or God-forbid, dies from the pet allergy. Then, a lawsuit will be in order. Make no beans about, I've got just one time to experience a bad attack, and I won't hestitate to visit my lawyer! Can we say lawsuit?"

and then there are the ones who would rather travel with their pets in the cabin of the plane than stop to consider what that might do to the comfort and health of others:

"Anyone who is severely allergic to pets should always have their medications with them. The NIH says that Allergens are carried on clothes, among other things. So just sitting next to a pet owner on a plane or going to a restaurant can cause an allergy sufferer to have problems. If you know you are very allergic, take precautions. Bring your medicine, wear a mask. Most of us have our medical issues to deal with and be glad yours aren't worse."

hmmm.... am i glad that i have allergies instead of cancer? of course. will wearing a mask or taking medicine help me? nope. is being severely allergic to the point where i could have an asthma attack in an airlplane where there would not be the appropriate medical treatment not a bad enough medical condition for you? no? thanks for being so understanding. asshole.

"The air in most all aircraft is cyled out with clean outside air about every two minutes, so you who complain about allergies need to stop complaining about something that most likely won't even bother you."

i'm guessing the person who posted this little gem of knowledge is a physician and expert on allergies and asthma. thanks for clearing that up for all of us. moron.

"I think this is better than people that insit on flying with annoying litle children. As afar as people with allergies are concerned, don;'t that have medication for those things?"

first of all, you should really spell check before you post a comment like that because you already sound stupid enough by what you're saying. secondly, children are PEOPLE and while it can sometimes be frustrating to be on a flight with a crying child, think of how frustrated the parents are while they are trying to calm the child down and avoid the evil stares from those around them. and last i checked, children do not actually pose a health threat. thirdly, there are medications for allergies?!! really?!! wow!! that must mean there's a magic pill that cures allergies that none of my doctors have known about for the last 30 years. amazing that you seem to know it all. fucking idiot.

i could go on and on, but this diatribe has already gotten out of control and my soapbox is starting to bow under the weight of this argument. so let me just leave you with this - be nice to people with allergies. it is not a fake medical condition and can cause truly severe health issues in many cases. we are just as frustrated by our allergies as those around us are by us having to make a big deal of them. and if you must fly with your pet, please be respectful if someone sitting near you asks to be moved or requests you be re-seated. it's not personal, it's just the allergies talking.

Nov 4, 2009

weirdo wednesday

i've had an exhausting couple of days, so i'm going totally cheat on my blog post today. (doesn't bode well when i'm taking shortcuts on day 3, which should really be day 4, does it?) so until i can come back tomorrow rested and refreshed and ready to write (i have mad alliteration skills, by the way), here are some snippets of weird news that made me go hmmmm.....

you know you hate your job if you do what this guy did:

and you certainly should not have children if you think this is ok:

and you should probably try not to get arrested for drunk driving while dressed like this:;_ylt=Ak5__aESReD8P2siNWQ4Xi7tiBIF;_ylu=X3oDMTJ1c29xbnZsBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkxMTA0L3VzX29kZF9icmVhdGhhbHl6ZXJfaGFsbG93ZWVuBGNwb3MDMQRwb3MDMgRzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3J5BHNsawNwb2xpY2VicmVhdGg

it's comforting to know that as often as i do dumb things or act before i think, i've never been as big an idiot as these morons.

back tomorrow with something insightful and thought-provoking. i promise.

Nov 3, 2009

give me the books boys and free my soul

i had a very bad day today. a VERY bad day. granted, it could have been much worse. no one that i love was in an accident, died or got diagnosed with cancer. but i still had a bad day and though i'm not physically affected, my emotions and tension level were through the roof by about noon today. needing some time without a ringing phone, email or project deadlines looming, i went to a nearby bookstore for some much needed solace.

walking into the store i immediately felt a slight sense of relief. i wandered through each area, trying to forget for a little while the issues that had been causing me so much tension and frustration all morning. i wound through the shelves, running my fingers along the spines of books that held stories of people's lives, of mysteries and thrillers, of tragic love stories and historical accounts of days gone by. i thumbed through art and architecture books letting the colors, lines and shapes soak into my mind. i imagined what it would be like to visit every place in the travel section and learn every language for which there was a study guide. i looked at the cheery kids books, thinking of how my niece and nephew would tear through them (somewhat literally) if they were there. i looked wistfully at holiday stories new and old, reminding myself that in a few short weeks i would be with my sister and her family in london where my stressors couldn't reach me unless i let them.

after a good part of an hour had flown by, i selected a book to purchase, ordered a cup of coffee and took a little extra time to sit quietly in the cafe and relax. i reflected on my mood after an hour among the books and realized that while i was still frustrated and stressed, i was much better. for me there is something truly calming about wandering through a bookstore, looking at the titles and holding the books in my hands. the weight of the books help center me somehow and yet the stories inside hold a promise of forgetting, of immersing myself in a different world if only for a little while.

thank you, books, and i look forward to our next therapy session.

Nov 2, 2009


me: adam thinks we should do NaBloPoMo

self: do you HEAR the eyes rolling back in our head??

me: oh ye of little faith

self: sorry to burst your blogging bubble, but have you looked at the calendar? it's november 2. this month of crazy psychotic blogging began yesterday, a day when there was nothing but crickets from our blog

me: i know, i know. i just didn't think about it because, well....

self: say it. because you were at the bar drinking beer and doing shots in the middle of the day while watching football and you couldn't be bothered to think about anything else besides cocktails and the colts.

me: wow, self, have you been to rehab when i wasn't looking?

self: i'm just saying, we - and by we i mean you - don't have the best track record on following through, especially when there's no consequences for quitting and you are the only one to keep yourself motivated. don't drag me down with you and your procrastinating ways this time!

me: just for that we're doing it. so there. better get the creative juices flowing, self, because you've been disappointing in the witty writing category lately.

self: maybe if you'd drag yourself away from desperate housewives, glee, private practice, mad men and all of those other people you've been paying attention to, you would have heard me screaming with ideas.

me: ok, fine. less tv, more blogging. but you better come through for me. don't make us look like a collective idiot this month when people will actually be expecting posts daily.

self: you do a fine job of making us look like an idiot all on your own.

me: why do i keep you around?

self: because of my razor sharp wit and charming personality?

me: more like the meds don't work very well....

self: enough. it's time for blogging. good luck and godspeed.

me: ditto.

(note by author - i fully apologize for the potentially craptastic posts that may be headed your way throughout the month of november. please bear with