Feb 3, 2010

little green dress

i've been having some trouble getting motivated to get fit and healthier in 2010.  normally, this is the one time of year i feel excited and eager to start eating better and get to the gym.  granted, that motivation never seems to last too long, but at least i'm typically off to a good start in the new year.

so i've been slothing along, not eating horribly, but certainly not working out and not really caring all that much.  today, however, reality walked up and bitch-slapped me in a most jolting manner.  the thing is, i have 3 weddings this spring and fall.  the september wedding is on a gorgeous resort in mexico and i just booked my flight the other night.  thinking of the beach and swimming in the ocean should have been motivation, right?  no, not really.  the other two weddings are in may.  the first is taking place on the lovely island of corolla, on the outer banks of north carolina.  again - beach, sun, swimming, etc. = motivation, right?  nah.  and then there's the other wedding over memorial day weekend at a spa/resort here in the midwest.  great venue, but no beach, no swim wear needed, no scorching sun, so the least motivating, right?  wrong.  for this particular wedding i am a bridesmaid.  and today i got the link to the picture of the dress i will be wearing.  behold:

i apologize for the crappy photo quality, but the website wouldn't let me save the image, so i had to take a picture of it with my phone.  regardless, you get the idea.  and don't get me wrong - i love the dress, i really do.  i just don't know that i love the idea of me in that dress.  right now i'm more inclined to feel comfortable in something of this style:

that's right - a flowy caftan variety garment that covers all the wobbly bits and requires no spanx.  ugly, i know. 

and so that's my new motivation - operation bridesmaid dress.  i think i may print out a picture of that dress and hang it on my fridge as a reminder (the bridesmaid dress, not the caftan).  or maybe i can have my roommates padlock the fridge....  or perhaps i can hire jillian michaels (of "biggest loser" fame) to come live with me for the next 3 months and whip me into shape....

any ideas or suggestions for fun workouts or motivational tips are welcome.  :)