May 26, 2010

spell check can't fix stupid

i had spent a lot of time one afternoon working on a proposal for a meeting the following day with a large corporate partner.  i had read and re-read the proposal, spell-checked and proofed.  finally i was happy with it, i printed 4 copies and headed home from work.  for some reason, later that night i thought i should read through the summary page one more time and it's a good thing i did.  this is an excerpt:

...Provide complimentary printing services, pubic relations expertise and other valuable business-related support.  In addition.....

if you didn't catch it, read it again.
that's right.  PUBIC relations.  thank god i caught it and was able to re-print before my meeting the next day.  i'm sure the executives i was meeting with would have been super impressed that i was asking them for their pubic relations expertise.  word to the wise - spell check only goes so far. 

May 12, 2010

wacky wednesday

as i was driving to work this morning, i got stopped at a light.  as i sat waiting for it to turn green, i looked to my right and saw this:

i couldn't resist taking a picture of this mess that is a library.  so, let's have a little fun, shall we?  please comment and list any/all of the things you find wrong with this picture.  let me get you started:  disembodied head in the window with no apparent reason for being there.  ok, go!