Nov 29, 2011

wonder woman's got nothing on me

the other day, i was perusing online and ran across one of those little formulas for figuring out your super hero name.  i've always said if i could have a super power it would be the ability to turn water into wine, so i was interested to see how this would turn out.  the game called for you to take the color of your shirt and the object sitting to your right and put those two words together.  once i thought about it i could see how this would form names in the same vein as many well-know super heroes such as green lantern, black cat, silver surfer, red skull, green arrow, black canary, black orchid, blue beetle, red ghost, and yellow claw. granted, i didn't expect mine to turn out very cool since the odds of me having a ghost, arrow, skull or claw to my immediate right were slim.

so, here's how it went.  look down at shirt, register color red (i was watching IU basketball, after all, and had to be wearing a hoosier shirt!).  look to immediate right and see glass of wine (of course).  put it together and my super hero name is (most appropriately):  red wine.  that's right, i've always wanted a super power to turn water into wine and now i find out my super hero name is, in fact, red wine.  i'm not sure what supernatural event would have to occur to activate my dormant powers, but i'd say if it ever happens i'll be the hit of every party i attend for the rest of my life. 

Nov 19, 2011

hee hee

my dad, talking to my niece:  "i see you're wearing a watch.  can you tell me what time it is?

my niece, age 5:  "it looks like it's time for mummy to have a glass of wine!"

brilliant child. 

Nov 15, 2011

weekend getaway

since i got back from spain in august (i know, poor me, right?), life has been crazy.  fall is the busiest season for me at work for many reasons - walk events, health fairs, workplace giving kickoffs, etc. - and often requires me to work a lot of weekends, extremely early mornings and sometimes evenings.  in addition to work, it's just seemed busy this fall with trying to make time to see family, visit friends and stay caught up on the daily grind like cleaning, errands, and all of those other necessary things.  the bf and i had been talking about going somewhere for a weekend just to get away, so when we saw that groupon had a deal for two nights at the lake lawn resort in wisconsin, we decided to get it and make a weekend of it. 

last friday after lunch and an hour of indoor tennis we got on the road and made the short 2-hour drive up to lake delavan.  our room was huge - a loft with a king bed and two bunks upstairs (way more space than we needed!) and a great little balcony with two rocking chairs.  we had a great view of lake delavan, too.

that night we got dressed up and went to dinner at the resort's upscale restaurant.  after a delicious seafood dinner, we headed to the more low-key pub at the resort for a few after dinner drinks.  the lookout proved to be very entertaining as it was karaoke night and there were some serious singers hitting the stage.  we had a great time singing along and, let's be honest - making fun of some of the crazy singers and songs. 

saturday morning was sunny and clear and we were happy to find that it was unseasonably warm outside.  when we arrived on friday night it was pretty cold and we started thinking we were crazy for going to wisconsin in november!  the bf went on a coffee mission while i was getting ready and came back with a large cup of joe for me.  bless his heart.  we went for a walk around the grounds of the resort and along the lake before leaving to check out the nearby towns of delavan and geneva.  our walk was really pretty and i can imagine how the resort is in the summer with the boat docks out and people everywhere.  it was nice being there in the off-season though, very peaceful and serene.

we drove through delavan and as our server at dinner the night before had warned us, there wasn't much there.  so we headed to geneva, a little town right on lake geneva that is a favorite summer spot for chicagoans.  the town center is a really cute little area with a lot of local shops, the obligatory starbucks, a few watering holes, art galleries and restaurants.  after walking around for a bit we popped into "hogs and kisses", a fun little bar and restaurant that seemed to be a local favorite.  my crab cakes even arrived on a pig-shaped plate! 

after lunch we walked around a little more, stopped for coffee and then headed back to the resort to relax before dinner.  while the bf visited the fitness room and indoor pool, i took a nap.  deciding we wanted to experience more of the local flavor, we set out to find a place to have dinner later that evening.  we didn't make it far before stumbling upon waterfront pub and eatery just down the road from the resort.  waterfront had a band that night and after dinner we relocated to the pub side to enjoy some live music. 

after several songs and a couple more drinks, we headed back to lake lawn resort, hoping to hear another round of karaoke at the lookout.  unfortunately there was no karaoke and the band that was playing was pretty bad so we called it a fairly early night.

sunday we checked out around 11 and made a stop at the outlet mall in pleasant prairie on our way home.  after a couple of hours of shopping we finally finished our journey back to chicago. we both took off on monday, as well, so we had an extra day to relax and enjoy the long weekend.  all in all, we had a great time and i really needed a stress-free weekend away, though i was happy to get back home to my cute kitty. 

Nov 11, 2011

happy friday

this morning i am sitting on the couch, sipping coffee with my kitty on my lap while i catch up on last night's tv shows.  later i'm going with the bf to play tennis at the indoor tennis center and then we're off to wisconsin until sunday.  i'm also off on monday and am really happy to have a four-day weekend.  it will be nice to get away, even if it is wisconsin in november!  i just wish i could take this little girl with me....

Nov 9, 2011

home for the holidays

normally this would be the time of year that i'd be posting with excitement and announcing that i had purchased my ticket to london for christmas.  the last few years i have spent two weeks over the christmas festivities with my sister and her family in jolly old england.  unfortunately due to financial circumstances this year, i am not going to be able to make my annual trip.  (insert huge sigh of disappointment)

upon learning that i was most likely not going to be able to visit this year, my niece and nephew jumped on skype and offered me the sweetest solutions.  the conversation went like this:

evan (age 3):  "tia, no christmas?!" (with big shrug and sad face)
me:  "no, evs, i'm sorry but this year i don't think i'm going to be able to make it."
evan: "oh tia..." (big sigh of disappointment and he vanishes from the screen)
cue amelia:
amelia (age 5 going on 37):  (with very serious face) "tell me tia, is it the expense?"
me: (trying not to laugh at her sounding like my personal financial advisor) "yes, actually.  it's very expensive to buy plane tickets"
amelia:  (with a sigh of relief as if i had told her to solve a simple problem like closing the door or turning off the tv) "tia, i have LOADS of money.  and i will give it all to you!"
me:  (trying not to start sobbing) "that's so sweet but i just don't know if you have enough and i don't want to take all of your money"
cue evan running back into the room:
evan: "tia!" (shoving his piggy bank into the picture)
amelia:  "now you have money from BOTH of us.  you can come now, right tia? i mean, it's tradition!"

and so it went until my sister had to finally tell them that while it was very nice to offer me their money it just wouldn't be enough.  we finally came to terms with the fact that i'll be getting up in the middle of the night with nana and boppy in indiana and we'll be opening christmas presents via skype this year. 

i'm going to feel odd not heading to o'hare and jumping on a plane this december.  it's going to be strange to wake up on christmas morning and not see those little faces so eager to burst into the living room and see if santa brought them presents in the night.  i won't be wearing paper crowns, fighting my sister's tree to get the lights on, doing last-minute shopping, or spending christmas eve eating chinese and drinking mulled wine while wrapping gifts and watching "love actually".  but i will get to spend christmas with my parents this year, which will be nice.  and i'll be in town for my friend jill's birthday on the 27th, which i always miss.  i'll get to bring the bf home and introduce him to the rest of the fam he hasn't yet met.  i won't have to worry about jet lag or flight delays.  it'll still be a nice holiday, even if i'm not in london.  and i know my sis and fam are coming to visit in early april, so that helps.  we'll be able to celebrate my niece's birthday in chicago this year - something i've never been able to do with her before! 

so all in all, the holidays will be great, just different.  hopefully i'll be able to resume the tradition next year!

Nov 1, 2011

bless his cotton socks

about a year ago i was in the first few months of a relationship and had started to notice some of the bf's quirks that amused/annoyed/baffled me and wrote about them here.  fast forward to now and the relationship is still great, but he still manages to do things that completely confuse me.  here is a prime example:

that, my friends, is what my toothpaste looked like when i opened my cabinet the other day.  i've started using sensodyne since my recent dental debacles, leaving the crest for the bf when he feels the need to brush his teeth at my place.  it seriously looks like he wadded it up and threw it back onto the shelf.  why would one need to crumple up the toothpaste like this?!  we all know that squeezing it from the bottom flattens it out nicely and pushes the paste to the top.  all i can say - bless his cottons.  i'll never understand these things but at least he amuses me.