Dec 21, 2010

you say tomato....

the other day, my niece was pulling things out of her school bag, showing me the cards she had received from classmates, the christmas art projects she had made and the treats and small gifts she had been given by her teachers.  as she produced various things from the bag she announced to me what each item was.

her:  "and this is a santa card i made with cotton and paper"

me:  "oooh, lovely! well done!"

her:  "and these are cards from sam, nancy and olivia"

me:  "very nice of your friends to give you holiday cards!"

her:  "and this is a reindeer notebook.  and a rubber."

me:  "oh, how nice - wait, what?!"

her:  "i said it's a rubber.  anyway, here's another--"

me:  "hold on.  one second.  what is that last one again?"

her: (sighing with exasperation and annoyance)  "IT. IS. A. RUBBER."

me:  "i'm going to need to see this."

and she proceeded to toss me the item in question.  a rubber, indeed.  apparently here in england a rubber is what the kids call rubber erasers.  dirty, dirty tia get your mind out of the gutter!


Gary said...

only you...

adam said...

you didn't know that erasers are called rubbers in the UK?! shame on you for not knowing your british english.

andrea said...

i know, i'm a failure at the queen's english. but really, rubbers? why can't they just call them erasers??

Success said...

... and I guess I may as well say tomato..

Anonymous said...

So if they call erasers rubbers, what do they call rubbers?
the bad aunt